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Established since 1998, Sanitas Venezuela provides comprehensive healthcare services to individual users, families and collectives, with no age and coverage limitations and no deductibles. The group includes additional services for Sanitas users and general public, with a broad range of products, brands and special discounts.

At the same time, other institutions, such as Fundación Sanitas Venezuela, are dedicated to the development of social projects in Venezuela.

Venezuela - Santa Paula Hospital

Santa Paula Hospital

Since April 2014, this medical consultation building includes 80 consultation units, emergency care, operating rooms with the latest technology, intensive care, neonatal care and clinical, radiological and pathological laboratory.

84 beds

Other centers - Venezuela

Other centers - Venezuela

Among its centers in the country, Sanitas Venezuela also includes 5 laboratories, 4 CliniSanitas, 3 OdontoSanitas, 1 OftalmoSanitas, 1 OptiSanitas and 2 pharmacies to respond to population's different health necessities.