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Clínica Universitaria Colombia: a decade of health service

Since its opening, Clínica Universitaria Colombia has been a training place for students in health sciences (graduates and undergraduates) from different high education institutions of Colombia. It began its development in 2006 as a university clinic for excellence, welcoming students from two undergraduate programs and four medical residence graduate programs to its service.

Nowadays, Clínica Universitaria Colombia constitutes a nationwide preferred destination for medical specialists’ rotation in several areas, such as, Diagnostic imaging, Materno-Fetal medicine, Pathology and Intensive Care. As well, it hosts health education programs from remarkable educational institutions, as Fundación Universitaria Sanitas (UniSanitas), Fundación Universitaria de Ciencias de la Salud and El Bosque, Del Rosario, Iberoamericana, La Sabana Militar, Nacional de Colombia and Pontifica Universidad Javeriana universities.

At the same time, it receives doctors and students from France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, England, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Panama and Bolivia (among others).

During its ten years’ life, the most remarkable achievements of Clínica Colombia have consisted in:  

  • Being a family of 1.406 people taking care of its patients and their families’ health and well-being.
  • Having 15 research groups supported by Colciencias and composed by 159 researchers committed to the development of projects in clinical area, public health, healthcare attention models and basic biomedical sciences. Their results have been spread in several scientific events and published in recognized national and international journals.
  • Being part of the Latin American best clinics ranking published by Revista América Economía magazine (second semester 2014).
  • Providing attention to 39.916 births.
  • Accomplishing 157 transplants form living and cadaveric donors in children and adults, since August 2010.
  • Giving integral attention to 4.030 premature infants thanks to Madre Canguro program. 

As a result, today, after 10 years of commitment, effort, innovation and research, Clínica Universitaria Colombia has positioned itself as a leading institution in health services provision at national and international level. Each day, its commitment with research, education and a culture of human and comprehensive service centered in patients and his family is stronger. 

Professionals, patients and society witness its growth and permanent development, always trying to provide the best health service, be different and remaining experts in our users and affiliates.