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The president of Sanitas Internacional announces a 4.000 million USD investment for the next ten years

In a recent interview published by Portafolio, an economic and business news Colombian website, the president of Sanitas Internacional, Mr Joseba Grajales, announced the company objectives for 2026: a turnover of 10.000 million USD, operate in 12 countries and reach 80.000 employees. Nowadays, Sanitas Internacional is present in seven countries, with 15.000 employees and a turnover of 2.500 million USD.

In Colombia, the group is present through ColSanitas pre-paid medicine company and EPS. Among its immediate objectives in this country, the president mentioned a 60 million USD investment in Colombia along the end of 2016 and 2017. As well, the corporation has opened this week a new pediatric clinic in Bogota, whose construction and equipment has costed around 35 million USD. In reference to the growth perspectives in Colombia, Mr. Grajales indicated the opening of 19 more primary care units between 2016 and 2017 and 4 CliniSanitas centers.

Consolidation and new markets

Nevertheless, the expansion plans are not limited to Colombia. The group plans the opening of new centers in Connecticut, the United States, for late 2016 and the consolidation of its presence in Mexico, a country that aspires to become one of the main platforms of the organization.

In general terms, the president of Sanitas Internacional recognized that, at the moment, the group is very concentrated in America, where the company is completing its plans. After a global growth of 20% in 2015, the group intends to maintain this percentage in 2016, looking at the same moment for new opportunities in new markets, such as Philippines or Indonesia.