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Sanitas Internacional helps to make possible a gold medal

Colombian weightlifter Oscar Figueroa has become the Olympic gold medalist in Río 2016 in weightlifting men’s 62 kg class. The weightlifter had to undergo a lumbar disc hernia surgery in January 2016 in order to be able to take part in Rio Olympics 2016. The traumatology and orthopedics specialist, Jorge Felipe Ramírez, was the doctor in charge of the surgery at Clínica Reína Sofía in Colombia, who, using an innovating techniques and the latest technology, made possible that Figueroa reached his dream.

In an interview with the Colombian Caracol Radio, the doctor of Sanitas Internacional has explained his experience. ‘When I operated Óscar, he told me that he wanted to finish his career winning the gold medal in Río’, remembers Dr. Juan Felipe Ramirez, at the same time that he explains how medical science helped to this Colombian gold medalist who, now, thanks to the doctor his help.

Five years ago, a cervical hernia could had stopped Figueroa’s promising career. Traditional surgery could have resolved the problem, but impeding Figueroa to lift high weights. Is at this point when Dr. Ramírez meets the sportsman after that Dr. Villota, a backbone surgeon of Cali (Colombia), leaves the sportsman in his hands. This case becomes a new challenge for Dr. Ramírez, having in his hands the future of one of the main Colombian weightlifter.
The surgery took place at Clínica Reina Sofía in Bogota (Colombia), which has one of the distinguished Latin-American teams. The same day of the surgery, Figueroa left the clinic and started his recovering process. ‘I have some videos where, only eight days after the surgery, Figueroa starts doing exercises. Later he started to lift small weights and in 2012 he obtains the silver medal in London’, explains the doctor.

In 2014, the weightlifter obtained in Poland the main title of his category, becoming the world championship. At the end of last year, the sportsman visits Dr. Ramírez due to a lumbar disc hernia. 

‘More than his muscles, which are genetically unique, is his winning mentality what has taken him to the victory’, adds Dr. Ramírez. Now, the surgeon realizes how he could help to make this triumph reality and sees how is one of the persons that Figueroa gives thanks to: ‘It makes me proud to be see what we have achieved thanks to my medical science and his constant dedication’. The surgeon visited Brazil some days ago to take part in a backbone congress, being there recognized for practicing surgeries using a method that today lets Óscar having a gold medal.

The relevance of a surgery

In an event organized by Organization Sanitas Internacional, the Olympic gold medalist delivered symbolically his gold medal to Jorge Felipe Ramirez Leon, the ColSanitas orthopedists, in the scenery which he considers his home, the Reina Sofía clinic.

In this sense, Figueroa remarked the relevance of the intervention in order to correct his disc hernia thanks to the appliance of a minimally invasive spine-surgery method of Laser Rays, contributing to the event that CliniSanitas organized in tribute to the prestigious orthopedist. Apart from being doctor at Organización Sanitas Internacional, Ramírez León has also held different remarkable responsibilities in several institutions, such as, president and vice president of the International Society of the Musculoskeletal Laser System (IMLAS), elected president of the Colombian Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, president of the Latin American Center for Research and Training in Minimally Invasive Surgery and Rector of the Fundación Universitaria Sanitas.