The 5 P’s model

Our distinctive health management system is based on the following 5 P’s which resume its key points:



Because it considers the particular characteristics of the individual as a unique and unrepeatable human being.



Because it recognizes the possibility of disease development and takes timely and comprehensive steps to avoid or mitigate it. 



Because it designs pro-activation focused on health maintenance. 



Because it empowers the informed individual to make health decisions.



Because healthcare cannot be intermittent or conditioned.

Sanitas Healthcare Model
Sanitas Healthcare Model
Sanitas Healthcare Model

Sanitas Healthcare Model

Sanitas Internacional promotes a comprehensive health management model focused on individual and based on permanent commitment in order to guarantee the access to a high quality health care.

Our inclusive healthcare model adapts its products to population's different healthcare needs, always with the highest service quality and standards in healthcare attention. Thus, our care model comprises a complete range of vertically integrated activities:

  • Health insurance
  • Comprehensive care
  • Hospital and clinic networks
  • Expert training
  • Applied technology
  • Advanced healthcare services

Our know-how, which combines health insurance, public health insurance and hospital and clinic network experience, has allowed us to develop a strong model that:

  • Manage “health value”.
  • Focus on primary care while providing multiple complexity healthcare services with a complete health facilities network.
  • Gain operational efficiency while assuring affordable access to healthcare.

Pivotal drivers

Our health management stands on three pivotal drivers:

  1. Risk identification
  2. Disease management
  3. Health maintenance


Our tools:

The tools that are used in the implementation of our model are:

  • Comprehensive medical centers
  • Electronic medical record
  • Population stratification
  • Interactive Health Platform
  • Esanitas-Unisanitas
  • Our personnel
  • Guides and protocols