Contributing to permanent improvement of health

Mission, Vision, Values

Contributing to permanent improvement of health

Mission - Contribute to permanent health improvement


The mission of our business group is to contribute to the permanent improvement of health, setting people as the center of attention.

Along all their life, we provide individuals integrated healthcare, improving and incrementing their wellness level under technologic innovation, social, organizational and integrated healthcare attention models that serve people throughout their whole lives, at the same time that we create employment, wealth and life quality in those communities where we operate, favoring their regional development.  

Vision - Working to become health leaders


We aspire to become the leading company in health sector, due to our high quality in integrated health attention, our cultural relevance in those communities where our services are offered and our appropriate professional team, characterized by a deep human sense, who is always devoted to the fulfillment of health programs focused on the patient and his family.

Values - Reflected in the performance of all its companies


Sanitas Internacional's corporate values constitute the result of a corporate culture built thanks to the experience obtained with each of our interest groups. The Sanitas Internacional values must be reflected in the performance of all its companies.

  • Health: priority objective that leads the performance and the working model of the business group.
  • Justice: balance in correct behavior to guarantee that all people will receive what it corresponds them, without discrimination and according to their rights and obligations.
  • Respect: recognition of others’ rights in the accomplishment of each one’s obligations for the purpose of a harmonic coexistence.
  • Solidarity: collective sense of collaboration and support without any differentiation, taking into account each person’s value and acts.
  • Responsibility: diligent and prudent conduct, taking the corresponding decisions in order to assure success and diminish failure possibilities. The business group assumes the consequences of its acts, working for the effective provision and the quality of its services.
  • Truth and honesty: transparency rules all the acts of our business group’s companies and employees, looking for the veracity of the information spread in order to deserve the required trust that permits an excellent organisational and environmental relationship. 
  • Excellence: we offer the best results and the highest quality standards to each patient through the dedication of our team.
  • Innovation: learning, creativity and problem resolution’s encouragement, as well as the inculcation of a collaborative and mutual support sensed culture, lets the business group grow and become stronger. 
  • Common sense: practical implementation of knowledge and principles that allow us to define clear conducts in order to simplify complexity. 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: understood as the business group’s essential commitment, it is integrated in the group’s global strategy under the company-society shared value principles that inspire and redefine the different business practice models, in accordance with the endogenous development commitment in all the countries where we operate.